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I Invited three friends of mine to come to my apartment in Milano for dinner, they gladly accepted, so I set out to go shopping for the event: Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, vanilla bean, Nutella, orange marmalade,  potatoes, and oil. We all set down to crêpes and french fries. That was my first foray in the cooking world; I was fourteen.

Carlo Pasquino




From homemade pasta to Paella, from country bread to puff pastry, from basic knife skills to preparing and design a complete menu for any occasion join us in the kitchen and then at the table for good food, good wines, swapping stories and laughter. Oh!...unplug we are lucky to have very poor internet.


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Pam Bowman - NYC

“learning how to make seasonal risotto from chef Carlo was a fun and memorable experience. Combining the ripest pears with the finest ingredients we created a dish that was not only delicious but one that I return to when I want my family/guests to feel loved and cared for.”